I Would Definitely Pee On This Gadget

Image: Withings

Yes, you read that right. Withings, the company most well-known for its connected health devices like the Steel HR Smartwatch and the Body Scan Scale, presented a noninvasive urinalysis test at CES 2023. The U Scan is placed inside your toilet and while you change nothing about how you pee, the device collects a tiny sample using microfluidic circuitry. This sample is then sent to a replaceable cartridge inside the reader that contains 100 tests. The scanner is able to test ovulation windows, bodily pH, hydration, vitamin C, and ketone levels. These results are then wirelessly (thank god) sent to your phone for your reference. Especially for people with chronic metabolic health issues, like diabetes, it’s another evolution in connected health devices that will help with monitoring and safeguarding. U-Scan will be launched in the second half of 2023, subscribe on Withings website to receive updates and be the first to know.

Edit: On Twitter, Withings posted a very slick video gaining a lot of replies. And a question popping up more than once is how the device knows who is peeing.

To prevent the collection of urine from someone else, we developed a technology able to differentiate users called stream ID. Using a Radar sensor, it can differentiate an individual by the signature of the urine stream, characterized by its speed, distance and dispersion.

Stream ID! Love it.

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