Top 10 Health Apps For iOS And Watch OS

There are a plethora of health apps available for iOS and WatchOS, each claiming to be the best at helping you reach your health goals. Whether you’re looking to track your workouts, monitor your sleep, or keep an eye on your nutrition, there’s an app for that. In this list, I’ve rounded up the top 10 health apps for iOS and WatchOS, all of which I have been using for the past year! From beginners to fitness fanatics, these apps have something for everyone looking to take charge of their health and wellness.

  1. Gentler Streak: A more human fitness tracker that helps everyone to build a healthy approach to fitness and recovery + Apple Watch App of 2022;
  2. Lifesum: A beautiful app that helps everyone to build a healthier diet and/or lose weight;
  3. STRECHIT: Talking about recovery, this is a must-have for after-workout stretching;
  4. AutoSleep: Track your sleep fully automatically and see a well-designed overview of all your data collected during the night
  5. Waterful: One of the best-designed apps out there helping you to track water and stay hydrated;
  6. WorkOutDoors: The only WatchApp showing full vector-based maps while hiking, running, canoeing, or biking. This app is so customizable, it’s insane;
  7. HeartAnalyzer: While working out, sleeping, or resting, your heart rate is one of the most important data points and HeartAnalyzer gives a beautifully designed overview of up to 4 years of heart rate measurements;
  8. StepsApp: Best complications for WatchOS to make sure you finish every day with +10.000 steps;
  9. HeartWatch: Connects with AutoSleep to provide even more data about your health and how sleep affects your performance during the day;
  10. Fitness: Apple’s fitness app had to make the list, as those rings are the best way to get a quick overview of your activity level during the day.

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