Typography in Ten Minutes

This is a bold claim, but I stand behind it: if you learn and follow these five typography rules, you will be a better typographer than nearly every writer—and even most graphic designers.

All it takes is ten minutes: five minutes to read these rules once. Then five minutes to read them again.

  1. The typographic quality of your document is determined largely by how the body text looks. […]
  2. Point size is how big the font is. In print, the most comfortable range for body text is 10–12 point. […]
  3. Line spacing is the vertical distance between lines. It should be 120–145% of the point size. […]
  4. Line length is the horizontal width of the text block. Line length should be an average of 45–90 characters per line […]
  5. And finally, font choice. […]

You’re welcome!

Source: practicaltypography.com

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